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Jun 28, 3:28 am

Gramhoot and Gramliker for Instagram is down. Any alternatives?


Those two sites were the easiest for self promotion. Is there any sites like those two? Thanks a bunch.

*Edit* Good news! Gramhoot is back up. I thought it was done for like Gramliker. False alarm guys haha. However, if you want - you can still suggest good alternatives!

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Robots File

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PR 9 homepage but the inner pages are PR 0

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9:13 am, July 11, 2014 I'd love your feedback and recommendations on a tool I built for work as a demo. Beware, Its pretty still rough, but please take a look and let me know your thoughts... http://seo-analyser.import.io [..] View

Evaluate The Site -- Stumped as where to go and what to do next.

9:13 am, July 11, 2014 When I inherited this website, it was a mess, lots of low quality, spammy copy which I worked diligently to clean up. Overall, our rankings are up, our bounce rate down, and everything is copacetic on [..] View

What are some on site optimizations you complete?

9:13 am, July 11, 2014 What are some of the on page optimizations that you guys do to make your website more SEO friendly. I know that editing things like meta tags, alt tags and linking to Google+ profiles work well. What [..] View

Two different locations for one business

9:13 am, July 11, 2014 How exactly should you structure a site that has two brick-and-mortar stores in two different markets for local SEO? My original inclination is to have a generic store front website, then for each loc [..] View

Doing SEO in another language, Hebrew.

9:13 am, July 11, 2014 I live in Israel, but Hebrew is not my first language. I want to create a site that can eventually rank #1 for the keyword "תמ"א 38" and eventually generat [..] View

LeBron's robots.txt file may have given away his decision

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Urls that have terms that are spelled using TLDs (example: hel.lo) aren't being ranked?

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9:13 am, July 11, 2014 My company pays me a salary plus commission, so I'm working hard for the long-term success of the company. But if one day they think they could just continue using my profitable work and reduce costs [..] View

My blog posts have eaten my homepage

9:13 am, July 11, 2014 I'm targeting "Reddit Alerts" When I do a search, my blog posts show up but not my homepage. How can I fix this? I used to have the 5th or 6th spot, now I can't even find it. ctrl+f getreddi [..] View

HTTPS pages not showing up in Google Webmaster Tools?

9:13 am, July 11, 2014 Hey all, I'm helping out my company with SEO, and one thing I've noticed from poking around Google Webmaster tools is that certain high-traffic pages aren't showing up in 'Top Pages' under the Search [..] View

Which is the best sales funnel option?

9:13 am, July 11, 2014 Hey gang, not sure if this is quite appropriate for this subreddit, but the digital marketing sub didn't look like it was very active in terms of giving out advice, so I'll throw this out here: I'm a [..] View

Looking for a SEO partner + free content in exchange of feedback!

9:13 am, July 11, 2014 Hi guys! ( I already posted on r/entrepreneur btw) I own a freelancing company that provides web content (writing, translations etc) for web entrepreneurs in 3 different languages. Basically, with the [..] View

New job in SEO: Questions about Guestblogging

9:13 am, July 11, 2014 I started working for an Online Marketing Agency last week. It's my first job in SEO and before that I didn't really know too much about this industry, as I mostly got the job off of my writing skills [..] View

Local SEO for a work-at-home business.

9:13 am, July 11, 2014 I have a client who is a concert promoter. His office is his house. He has no problems with putting his home address out there as a business address. My concern is that sites who want images of the & [..] View

Search Engine Traffic

9:13 am, July 11, 2014 Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. What is the similarity of the four? They are all search engine sites. As of today, almost more than half of the traffic that websites acquire come from search engine traff [..] View

Trading computer repair for SEO advice.

9:13 am, July 11, 2014 I can offer remote computer service, tune-ups, virus/malware repair etc. I need simple seo advice to increase my page rank in a few keywords. I'm not interested in link trading, just a look through m [..] View

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7:13 pm, July 8, 2014 Just joined a new company and assumed responsibility over the company’s website that has ~150,000 indexed pages. The issue here is around 50,000 of those pages were built out to support a pa [..] View

Decided to get back into the SEO game

7:13 pm, July 8, 2014 Hey Guys, About a year ago I decided to pursue SEO as my main career path, and ended up founding my current business out of it. I started out in SEO, but am now doing web design fulltime. I was a mem [..] View

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9:13 am, July 8, 2014 Newbie here. I know having unique, useful pages is of great importance in the post-Panda world of SEO. I've learned that this can be difficult when it comes to retail sites as a lot of categories/prod [..] View

Not on google anymore, what happened?

9:13 am, July 8, 2014 I'm really hoping someone can help me figure out whats going on.. my website www.consideritfixed.ca used to be on the first page of google results for "calgary handyman" but now I can't find [..] View

Video Marketing for Travel Software Solutions?

7:13 pm, July 7, 2014 Hi Everyone, I want to create and develop Video for www.travelcarma.com (Provides Travel Software Solutions for Travel Business). can you share your ideas about video marketing and which type videos s [..] View

How I almost made a Sub-Reddit thats basically Reddit.

7:13 pm, July 7, 2014 I hit upon a wonderful idea whilst trawling through /r/seo today. I've been doing some content development and have been using www.viralcontentbuzz.com to share it. Then I thought, there should be a [..] View

SEMRush Search Engine Traffic Accuracy

7:13 pm, July 7, 2014 How accurate is SEMRush's search engine traffic data? I recently had a huge drop in "sessions" in my google analytics, and have been pumping out some new content in hopes to increase it. SE [..] View

New to SEO, Want Experience

9:13 am, July 7, 2014 I've been making money on the Internet and YouTube for few years now, slowly realizing SEO is much more valuable than ranking YouTube videos. I want to know where I can get an even better understandin [..] View

Google Adwords - Suspended for Bridge Site?

9:13 am, July 7, 2014 Hi there, I have been working on getting content onto my blog for about a month. The goal of the site is to provide product reviews from my kids and myself on things that we are interested in. Mainly [..] View

Weird URL. Maybe duplication?

7:13 pm, July 6, 2014 I was asked a question the other day, and I wasn't sure the reasoning of why it's happening. Here's an example of the URL: "http://example.com/some-content/www.example.com What would cause this [..] View

"Software as a service" - What does this SEO/Internet Marketing company offer exactly?

7:13 pm, July 6, 2014 I was doing work for one of my clients, and I saw that a client's competitor has these guys listed as the SEO providers. http://www.spectruminc.com/ I thought at first these guys developed web and se [..] View

Those who bundle SEO/Social Marketing to website packages?

9:13 am, July 6, 2014 How do you determine how much time to spend on these activities? Do you just determine the most effective methods and parse your time out on a per hour basis? Do you automate any of it? Do you do a c [..] View

Keyword optimization for post series?

9:13 am, July 6, 2014 I have a blog where there are many series of posts that are related to specific subjects - such as having posts entitled "Subject X Part 5" "Subject X Part 12" and so on. "Sub [..] View

How to find the cause of increased query impressions?

9:13 am, July 6, 2014 Over the past few months, my sites query impressions have been increasing, slowly but surely. We have started a pretty aggressive content generation campaign (about 5 posts a month) and have been gett [..] View

Website drops 90% in ranking, not sure why

7:13 pm, July 5, 2014 My website was seeing fantastic growth from the get go and then about 10 days ago it fell from position #4 to #10, then way low on page 2 which has ****** traffic. Screenshot. I had plenty of duplica [..] View

how do you make google list sub pages of your site, on the search results.

7:13 pm, July 5, 2014 I dont know if this is directly seo releated, but does anyone know, how to make google see your website, and its menu, and then list it like this? http://imgur.com/0535peo submitted by gravballe [l [..] View

How do you tell how many times a keyword is searched per month?

9:13 am, July 5, 2014 I see citations for the number of searches on domain sale websites all the time, but I know google trends doesn't give exact numbers of searches, so are there tools to determine this, or is the number [..] View

Will a new website with great design be able to overtake a long-standing, outdated website with great SEO?

9:13 am, July 5, 2014 Our company recently took on a new client who runs a website specializing in island vacation rentals. This website is very outdated in design, but has decent content, and high SEO rankings. The websit [..] View

rel=nofollow in 2014?

9:13 am, July 5, 2014 I have a few old sites (more than 10 yrs old) that have decent amount of search traffic. I am in the process of optimising them, so want some feedback about the rel="nofollow" tag on links w [..] View

WMT reporting fewer URLS indexed than actually are

7:13 pm, July 4, 2014 I submitted a sitemap to WMT and it has 11 URLs in it. WMT is reporting only 2 are indexed, but a site:mysite.com query on google has all of them. It has been like this for weeks, so I don't think it' [..] View

undoing half baked SEO

7:13 pm, July 4, 2014 I have learned SEO over some period and everytime i learn something new i implement it to the best of my ability immediately. One of the early implementations i did for SEO is to change my URL site st [..] View

Guest content and authorship - how to not get penalized?

7:13 pm, July 4, 2014 Hi all! I'm creating a site and have several contributors who have written great guides on their own sites but as an authority site have agreed to also share their guides on our site as well. Only one [..] View

Advice for someone frustrated that all my efforts to improve my blog's search rankings have produced a stinky goose egg

9:13 am, July 4, 2014 My site Hello SEO mavens, I'm at wit's end here and need advice. I use a wordpress blog to write about dreams. I published a book about the subject and I'm a mod at /r/dreams. I don't expect to be the [..] View

Google traffic pump system, is it a scam?

9:13 am, July 4, 2014 Company I work with has decided to go with the Google traffic pump system. Having a hard time finding chatter or legit conversations about it, just ad after ad after ad. It seems to good to be true, a [..] View

Google Sitemap Submission

9:13 am, July 4, 2014 Does anyone have any experience with the limits of sitemap submission in GWT? I have a site that is constantly growing with unique content (1000s of pages per day). Google is crawling most of it and I [..] View

Moving content from inner page to homepage?

7:13 pm, July 3, 2014 Hey all. I'm doing some work for a client and their homepage has almost no written content on it. An inner page on their website has content that succinctly describes what they do and I think it would [..] View

Just launched an new website.

7:13 pm, July 3, 2014 Over the last couple months I've been working on a new website for the company I work for. We finally launched it last week and am wondering how long it generally takes Google to index new pages. Shou [..] View

http:// to https:// redirect in .htaccess file - bad for SEO?

7:13 pm, July 3, 2014 I set up a niche site and I'm trying to build links and help it from an SEO standpoint. I was reading some things about http:// vs https://; I'm currently selling items on the site, so I figured that [..] View

Any good resources for Franchises?

9:13 am, July 3, 2014 Hi everyone, I had submitted a question to you all last week and got some GREAT help. After receiving that info I realized that I need ask another one. I'm not an SEO but my client has asked me to hel [..] View

Long tail EMDs with limited but legitimate content linking to main site?

9:13 am, July 3, 2014 Could anyone tell me what the effect would be of creating say 8-10 EMD websites for relevant long tail keywords and then linking those back to my main site? These smaller sites would have original, us [..] View

Moving a client away from findlaw.com; what are potential negatives?

9:13 am, July 3, 2014 I just got a project to redo the entire web site, Seo, hosting, for a small law firm. They were being charged $600+ a Month for garbage seo and web dev; findlaw is a colossal ripoff from what I've rea [..] View

should i make a video or post an infographic?

9:13 am, July 3, 2014 I have the resources to produce a video or an infographic or both on a specific topic which is in demand. are there any concerns about duplicate content? if i post it on the company blog should i make [..] View

1k USD for an seo professional realistic?

7:13 pm, July 2, 2014 I have been on the search for an seo professional for some time who can provide me a good service for around 1k. is this asking too much? Do you know anyone you can recommend? The problem is that i kn [..] View

How does Google check for reciprocal links while ranking websites? [x-post /r/Google]

9:13 am, July 2, 2014 Hi there, sorry if this is the wrong subreddit to post this question, but I can't seem to find information on this anywhere. As far as I'm aware, Google frowns upon websites which use reciprocal linki [..] View

Question about local search results and office sharing

9:13 am, July 2, 2014 Hey guys, I'm opening my own law practice and am considering renting some unused office space from an established firm. We would have the same mailing address, but I would have my own phone number. I [..] View

Tell me why Black Hat and White Hat isn't just BS

7:13 pm, July 1, 2014 So first and foremost I have never done anything considered black hat in my SEO. I have always said, "ethics is best practice for the long game" Yet... There is a company I know (not my comp [..] View

For SEO purpose, where is the smartest place for me to store the images I'm using in blog posts? We do weddings - take lots of beautiful pictures. I write a blog post about an event - should I store images on my server? Maybe G+? Pinterest?

7:13 pm, July 1, 2014 We are just getting our online presence setup and I am working through processes. We do want to get a Pinterest page going - we have so many beautiful images. Everything is stored in Picassa or local [..] View

What Web Browser Do You Use?

7:13 pm, July 1, 2014 I'm currently using Chrome but am starting to find that certain tools are only available for firefox. Do you have a preference of browser? submitted by LexMasterFlex15 [link] [2 comments] View

10 year old domain name

7:13 pm, July 1, 2014 I know that domain names that are older hold more weight but what if they haven't been used for anything? Are they valuable then? I have a ten year old domain name and I'm curious as to if I should de [..] View

Advice on domain redirection

9:13 am, July 1, 2014 Hey guys, Posted a few questions here and generally get helpful responses. So here goes another. Firstly I am a fairly novice webmaster so I am partly clueless to some activities, so treat me like a 1 [..] View

How long until Google updates their search results?

7:13 pm, June 30, 2014 Once Google has recrawled a site and cached it, how long does it take for that new content/site to be considered in their search results? I just redesigned my company's site and I'm trying to optimize [..] View

Is there a subreddit for hiring SEO work?

7:13 pm, June 30, 2014 Mods say I can't post a hiring post here, so if you do SEO on the side, where do you go for work? submitted by edward_snowedin [link] [3 comments] View

Duplicate content, am I in danger ?

7:13 pm, June 30, 2014 Hello fellow redditors, I've recently look around seo and i have an issue that i'd like to present you : I work for an university and we've a while back stated that we should be able to share content [..] View

Update: Boss calls me in and wants to hire ebrandz - they look black hat - any feedback?

7:13 pm, June 30, 2014 So, after our recent drops due to algorithms, bad backlink profiles (still waiting on Google to apply my disavow file), and competitors getting better results through blackhat, he brings me a review d [..] View

Are backlinks dead? How to seo and build a website anymore...

9:13 am, June 30, 2014 It seems that more and more sites are switching to comment systems like disqus and livefyre, or making comment links nofollow. My question is that how should one go about creating links, and increasin [..] View

Google referrals

9:13 am, June 30, 2014 Hello, I'm doing some keyword research and I really want to be able to track gaps and opportunities, but it's really hard with 80% of my referrals being (not provided). How do you guys get around this [..] View

How to deal with new content for existing blog posts?

9:13 am, June 30, 2014 I am a wedding photographer and I chase a lot of long tail key words through my blog. Every venue I shoot at I post a selection of images targeted at 'venue name wedding photography' to try and catch [..] View

SEO advice for my shopify ecommerce website.

7:13 pm, June 29, 2014 Hey guys, Last month I started up a shopify ecommerce website http://vapehoss.com and despite not showing up on any front pages in search engines for my products and site I still have decent sales but [..] View

WMT and SERPS descrepency

7:13 pm, June 29, 2014 Webmaster tools says I'm ranking 6.5 for a name, which is the keyword I'm targeting, but my site isn't showing up in the serps. I did some more keyword optimization Reduced the load time a bit Resubm [..] View

Personal Resume

9:13 am, June 29, 2014 So I have a website that I use for my resume/portfolio. It's changed a little over the years and now that I'm out of college, I really want it to show up. When I first started using it, Googling my na [..] View

Where can I get a "crash course" in SEO? [x-post from r/askreddit]

7:13 pm, June 28, 2014 I've got a job interview with an online marketing company coming up and my experience is/has been primarily in print marketing/writing/editing. While I don't imply I have SEO experience, I know it wil [..] View

Simple h1 tag question

9:13 am, June 28, 2014 Hey everyone so heres the deal.. My theme takes the post title, and puts it into h1 bracket. I can't seem to customize this to match my needs across different post layouts. so what i did was i used C [..] View

Anyone want to play mentor for a week?

9:13 am, June 28, 2014 I'm rolling out many different projects. I'd love to find someone with experience in SEO to be on hand in case I have any questions. I don't want to miss any steps along the way. I do have a structure [..] View

Local Help for Google Info

9:13 am, June 28, 2014 Hello, I am not an SEO but my boss just made it my responsibility to start working on that portion for our maid service and laundromats. Currently I am just running the social media for him. I was wo [..] View

Working for a grey / black hat SEO company

9:13 am, June 28, 2014 Without getting into too many specifics, the company I work for is very grey hat. The small business owner is making money hands over fist by changing his business model to a B2B, and preying on the i [..] View

Amateur Black Hat SEO Queestion

9:13 am, June 28, 2014 I've recently been trying to learn more about SEO to be a better developer, so I'm sorry if this is a bad question. From what I've read, shady techniques-- such as spam backlinks or botnet/fake site v [..] View

Helpdesk improve SEO?

7:13 pm, June 27, 2014 I'm looking at using a helpdesk to cut down on FAQ emails and am thinking of using Zendesk or Freshdesk. Does it help with SEO though? I already have a glossary that does pretty well, so I wouldn't wa [..] View

Geo-Targeted Landing Pages

7:13 pm, June 27, 2014 Two SEOs and I are debating the merits of geo-targeted landing pages for a local business. While I see the merits, if done wrong, it can expose you to penalties, particularly if the page is not linked [..] View

Questions about HubSpot, online marketing, and increasing inbound leads through SEO

7:13 pm, June 27, 2014 Howdy folks! So I'm working for a startup, and we have an offer to use HubSpot Pro at $80/mo instead of $800/mo. The offer is extremely tempting, but I thought I'd ask you guys about any experience wi [..] View

Looking for an online tool to translate a large keyword list (excel) into another language

9:13 am, June 27, 2014 I have an international client who would like like my keyword list to apply to their other international subdirectories. Does anyone know of a tool that will translate a whole spreadsheet? submitted [..] View

Google adwords by Geo

9:13 am, June 27, 2014 I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I would like to find some sort of tool that allows me to display the top payers for Google Adwords based on GEO. I know that I can search the [..] View

Any good techniques for finding backlinks for non-profits?

9:13 am, June 27, 2014 I've already provided a few good .edu and .gov backlinks for my client, http://give2kids.com -- but as most here know, it takes an inordinate amount of time to get those kind of links (at least legiti [..] View

How to best handle black hat SEO practice problems

9:13 am, June 27, 2014 Long story short: My client hired a company to help promote his services. His website went from the bottom of the 1st page, to the 44th page. Even searching for his company name directly doesn't have [..] View

Two author website. One author is a keyword, the other isnt. How?

9:13 am, June 27, 2014 I'm beginning to think I don't actually know much about SEO after all. On my website, I have two authors. One of them is constantly listed as the #2 search result when I search for her name. The other [..] View

Track conversions from 3rd party iframe.

9:13 am, June 27, 2014 Anyone have good reader friendly resources to track conversions from a 3rd party iframe. Basically I have a website for a hotel. On the site there is a booking form in an iframe from a 3rd party booki [..] View

Any Google Analytics alternatives out there that might work in China?

9:13 am, June 27, 2014 So I'm in China and Google is now completely blocked. All aspects of it. Analytics included. Does anyone here know of an alternative to Google Analytics that will work in China besides Baidu? I can't [..] View

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