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Jun 28, 3:28 am

Gramhoot and Gramliker for Instagram is down. Any alternatives?


Those two sites were the easiest for self promotion. Is there any sites like those two? Thanks a bunch.

*Edit* Good news! Gramhoot is back up. I thought it was done for like Gramliker. False alarm guys haha. However, if you want - you can still suggest good alternatives!


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9:13 am, September 12, 2014 Today I applied for Adsense. I've been running my blog for several days. This is my first experience with blogging, wordpress and seo so if someone could check if everything was done good, I'd be real [..] View

Google indexing facebook security warning on description

7:13 pm, September 11, 2014 Hi, we recently had a layout and a domain change. After that we have been having way less visitors. I started to investigate the problem and found out that half of our links indexed on google have thi [..] View

Subreddit for Keyword Research?

7:13 pm, September 11, 2014 I've had a bit of a scout around and I can't see much in the way of a dedicated keyword research sub. Does anyone know of one? submitted by Razzly [link] [1 comment] View

Three uses for a set of products: Should I focus on each separately or all together?

7:13 pm, September 11, 2014 *Two uses I've got this line of products on my site that I'm trying to sell. They can be used for two main purposes: holding craft beers or artisan olive oils (gift box) I have the time to write a pre [..] View

Site traffic drop on day of Apple conference / Sept 9th 2014

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7:13 pm, September 10, 2014 I'm choosing a domain name for a small town bed and breakfast. For an SEO perspective would I be best to pick a functional SEO friendly domain eg www.(nameofthetown)bedandbreakfast.com? What advice wo [..] View

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